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Creole Fusions

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Everything we do at La Grande Maison restaurant - using subtle textures and flavours, sourcing the freshest products, has the same goal - to enhance and elevate local ingredients. Seychelles is a constant source of creativity from which we draw. We combine this creative energy with our own fine dining cooking techniques and a sense of Creole inspiration. Relax and discover a new approach of the Creole taste in the fantastic atmosphere of this Creole Gran Kaz.
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“Amazing Experience”
"This beautiful old mansion with incredible ambience also has the best restaurant in the Seychelles. The food combines the elements of local tradition with beautifully nuanced French influences. The service was attentive and friendly, and the chef, Christelle, was warm and clearly loves creating an outstanding experience if you are lucky enough to have dinner here one eve. Would be overrun in New York or London. Try the Crab Giraffe ravioli or Fish Cassoulet. Wish we could go back tomorrow."

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